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About yachts
The yacht brand “R2D2 Protection Yachts” realizes luxury yachts of the special security class for private owners and for professional shipping. Our yachts are built to use on worldwide voyages under all climatic conditions. Yachts from R2D2 are suitable as secured floating home and as the place to relax and to fullfill your deepest dreams on the ocean even without yacht affinity. You want to experience unforgettable adventures and still stay protected under the most difficult and critical conditions, then our yachts are the best choice for you.

“R2D2 Continental Yachts” combine military strength, defense techniques and unrestricted seaworthiness with the highest quality standard of luxury of mega yachts in the interior and on the deck of the yachts.

Luxury & equipment
Original R2D2 Protection Yachts are uncompromising safety yachts that combine protection with unique yacht luxury. Depending on the model, these yachts are optionally equipped with various standard or user-defined equipment features:

airtight – armored – panic room – self-sufficient – self-righting – weatherproof – bulletproof – active yacht defense – pirate protection – burglary protection – emergency drives and many more security features.

R2D2 protection yachts are available in various protection and safety classes. The Protection Class yachts are extreme protection ships that leave little to be desired for personal protection. The so-called “R2D2 Safety Editions” are available as a light protection version – which are currently offered in some models by renowned yacht manufacturers such as Van der Valk Yachts.

R2D2 Protection Yachts Ltd. emerged as a brand from R2D2 Continental Yachts Ltd. -the aim since 2006 of the German brand owner Mr. Lars Schuppe was to create luxury motor & sailing yachts to offer safety, privacy and luxus in one.
Top priority are the absolute safety of the crew, the easiest handling, generous space, longevity, the usual luxury with extremely safe driving characteristics for worldwide travel under any unite today’s external conditions.
This objective, written since 2010, was realized for the first time in 2016 with the new model series “R2D2 Protection Class” in a series-ready mega yacht and is constantly being further developed on this basis. Today there are even the Protection Light versions with the name “R2D2 Safety Edition” which are now even implemented as separate series by well-known yacht manufacturers.

Leadership in profile
R2D2 Protection Yachts is the label of the European yacht manufacturer under the leadership of the director & CEO Mr. Lars Schuppe – with the manufacturer’s mark “YSS” according to ISO10087 of the “German boat and shipbuilding association DBSV”.Mr. Lars Schuppe is a key source of ideas, yacht designer, project manager, decades of active sea rescue (until 2020) and a yachtsman with an eye for safety at sea under extreme conditions.

Due to his long-term experience and expertise in the yacht branch – 10 years in the Sea rescue, since 2006 in management of YachtSupport.de,  as the owner of various yachts and with an affinity for yachting, brings he a huge portfolio to the products and developments of R2D2 Protection Yachts.

“R2D2 Protection Yachts as well as” R2D2 Safety Editions “are produced in the collaboration with certified highly qualified partners from research, development and leading yacht manufacturers in Europe and the German engineering sector. Most of the 150 yachts are built in a Dutch mega yacht shipyard, which has built more than 1,300 luxury yachts in over 53 years of company history and is still one of the leading yacht manufacturers for individual metal yachts.

This constellation of industries and partners makes it possible to meet all the special needs from our clients. Continuously we diffuse our partner newtwork to make sure that we offer to our customers the best quality and the most actual standards available on the markt.

Warranty & Support
A guarantee is a promise from a manufacturer of the highest quality. R2D2 yachts have a full year warranty. Our service department is available around the clock, 365 days a year, and we have a worldwide service network. We are also very well connected to questions or requirements during the ongoing operation of your yacht and personal safety in order to be able to offer appropriate service. Service work is carried out worldwide within 48 hours. We have agents all over the world who can provide technical staff. Alternatively, employees from the construction phase of the respective ship can also be sent directly. Special Proection Yachts & Safety Editions Yachts can be bought with a full support service, you don’t need to worry about ongoing services or personnel, learn more about our all-round carefree package

Independent advice & yacht service
With the partner companies Yachtsupport.de and the German commercial agency of Van der Valk Shipyard, we also offer worldwide brand-independent yacht service, yacht brokerage, purchase & sales support, yacht transfers, repairs, yacht refits, yacht maintenance, skipper, crew management, financing, inspectors and, if necessary, also a complete yacht management for ships and yachts between 15-45m of all brand.

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